The Old Blue Cross Pet Cemetery

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Regular clean up sessions, weather permitting.

Please check with Jan or Liz for the date of the next session.

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Saturday 10th August 2.00pm

  Three new memorials will be unveiled.

A plaque in tribute to all animals that have lost their lives in conflict in the service of their country.

A plaque in memory of the 2,500,000 domestic animals euthanised during WWII on government orders.

A plaque depicting the collar tag of a dog named Bonzo, found on Greenwich beach by a local Mudlark.

Among other invited guests we are pleased to welcome back The Mayor Cllr Mick Hayes.

Cllr Hayes unveiled the first memorial plaque in 2015.


Tribute plaque to be unveiled by The Mayor Cllr Mick Hayes.

 The story of Bonzo’s tag.


To be unveiled by Nicola White (Mudlark)

Bonzo’s plaque, remembering war time animals.

To be unveiled by Clare and Christy Campbell, Authors of ‘Bonzo’s War’.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pet Cemetery



Thursday 8th August 2019

Liz McDermott met Tony Weedon, whose dog ‘Fluffy’ had been one of those euthanised during WWII, prior to broadcasting on Jo Good’s Barking Hour on BBC Radio London.

 Sunday 11th August 2019

Yesterday’s event, despite the high winds and threat of rain went well with a good attendance of approximately 50 people. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was great interaction between all those present. Invited guests included the Mayor Cllr Mick Hayes and the Mayoress Mrs Hayes, Nicola White (Mudlark), Clare and Christy Campbell authors of Bonzo’s War, Zair Berry (former chair of Blue Cross), Kay Newland (Blue Cross education team), Jackie Buckle (Blue Cross bereavement service), Adam Jenkins (Royal Borough of Greenwich Parks and Open Spaces), Alison Porter and Janine Williams (Thompsons Garden Centre).

A few pictures as a record of the day.

So much thanks to so many people for making this event a success.